Trusted Carbon

Bringing Trust & Precision To The Voluntary Carbon Market

Precisely Measured,
carbon removal credits

A Unique Registry For
Precision Quantification

Trusted Carbon was established with the aim of advancing methods that incorporate the latest technologies, ensuring precise measurement of carbon credit claims.

A number of current methods in the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) depend on assumptions, modeling, and approximations. While Trusted Carbon recognizes the value of all projects, it emphasizes the importance of providing businesses with the opportunity to acquire credits that are reliable and credible.

To maintain the credibility of the credits it distributes, Trusted Carbon implements a stringent procedure for incorporating new methodologies into its registry, guaranteeing their integrity.

Precision Quantification

Trusted Carbon incorporates only methodologies that are proven to be science-based and that result in precise quantification of C02 fluxes.

Including Earth Observation, Satellites, Flux Towers and recognised “ground-truth” techniques.

Effective Ongoing Monitoring

Projects are required to have effective lifetime monitoring in place to ensure the veracity of their ongoing C02 sequestration.

Using a broad range of tools designed to satisfy auditors that projects continue to deliver accurate C02 measurement.

TRUSTED Validation

It is mandatory for all projects to appoint an approved auditor from the Trusted Carbon panel to certify project development and ongoing monitoring.

Starting with baseline validation through to end of project verification, certification and ongoing monitoring.

Our Registration criteria

Precision Quantification & Quality Assurance

  • Earth Observation
  • Science Based Measurement
  • Ex-Post Crediting
  • Life Cycle Assessments
  • Co-benefits
  • Biodiversity Optimisation

Verification & Validation

  • Baseline Validation
  • Validated Project Plans 
  • Completed Project Validation
  • Effective Ongoing Monitoring
  • ISO 14064-2 certification
  • ICVCM, CORSIA, Article 6.2 alignment

Buy With Confidence

Trusted Carbon’s primary goal is to ensure certainty within the Voluntary Carbon Market. We hold the view that all standards and registries with a true commitment to combating climate change have a role to play.

However, many methodologies used for measuring CO2 levels are antiquated and rely on estimates and models, which opens up possibilities for skepticism regarding their accuracy.

Advancements in technology now allow carbon credit purchasers to acquire credits of high integrity with full assurance and transparency.

Trusted Carbon Philosophy

Trusted Carbon was created to combine accurate quantification methods, distinguishing them from theoretical models.

At its heart, Trusted Carbon serves as a means for everyone to contribute to addressing the climate crisis.

Strict standards foster trust, and our aim is to direct funds to project proponents and communities to promote regenerative farming, robust ecosystems, and biodiversity.

the time is

Uncertainty in the Voluntary Carbon Market has led companies to reconsider their purchasing decisions and timing.

Yet, this should not be a reason for inaction. While the ICVCM and VCMI contribute to restoring confidence in the VCM, most current projects don’t align with their standards. Companies must not delay; waiting could mean missing crucial opportunities.

Trusted Carbon is dedicated to pinpointing projects that adhere to the ICVCM’s Core Carbon Principles, urging immediate action.